Preliminary list of artists: Zsófia Keresztes · Jinhee Kim · Eliška Konečná · Christof Mascher · Adam Šakový · Titania Seidl

Curator: Michal Stolárik

Opening: 12.09.2023

Duration: 13.09.2023 – 31.10.2023
Steinhauser Gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia

Many will no doubt attest the power of full moon to affect sleep patterns and lead to vivid, odd, even bizarre dreams. Insomnia, sleepwalking, mental overload, inner tension or peculiar behaviour are among possible common associated manifestations. Mythology and folklore link the full moon with magical elements, motifs of transformation, werewolves and vampires awakening. Committing a murder during full moon in 18th-century England, for example, would give leeway to plea insanity and seek a lesser sentence. Come what may, according to some studies, full moon actually affects the REM sleep, melatonin levels, and reduces overall sleep efficiency.

The FMD (Full Moon Dreamers) project is inspired by the atmosphere and narratives of distorted reality, while exploring and reflecting on current tendencies in contemporary European art. With painting and object made by international artists at its main focus, the project communicates a broader range of artistic approaches to constructing storylines and visual compositions. It naturally transverses from straightforward depictions and relatively legible objects of interest in the foreground (though nothing is as obvious as it may seem at first glance) to elaborate multi-layered visual collages harbouring diverse sources of inspiration. The core of the selection includes figurative motifs, bodily fragments or hints of material worlds. They draw us into plots that directly refer to personal experiences, original mythologies, allegories and symbols. The curatorial project, flirting with updated forms of surrealism represents a sheer inspiration by dreams or original mystifications that obscure reality and activate our subconscious. Slowly we float through sleepy surroundings, tensely uncovering mysterious, fanciful and intimate microworlds.

Visual Full Moon Dreamers