The STEINHAUSER Gallery opened its doors in June 2023. The direction of the gallery programme is focused on international positions by established artists as well as isolated “blue chip” positions, paired with emerging national and international artists. The founders Bonni and Patrik Steinhauser, who have been running their Art Advisory activity in Munich since 2015, deliberately moved to Bratislava in 2020 to open their new offices and to better illuminate the Central and Eastern European market for international collectors. The opening of the 152sqm Gallery in Bratislava old city center is a logical consequence and continuation of their work with artists, institutional and private collectors and museums over the past nine years.

In the bustling heart of Bratislava, Slovakia, lies a gallery that serves not merely as a space for artistic display, but also as a portal into the depths of human imagination and existential contemplation – STEINHAUSER Gallery.

Alice Zucca / Chief Editor XIBT Magazine Milano, Italy


Owners & Directors

Bonni + Patrik Steinhauser

Gallery Management

Simona Sinkova

PR & Marketing

M.A. Alice Zucca

Visual Communication + Graphic Design

Pasquale Halm

Advisory Council

Dr. Gabriela Steinhauser
Florian Paul Koenig
Jovana Ilic

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