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Visual Full Moon Dreamers

Current Exhibition:
CrocodilePower: …hovering over the face of the waters

Opening: 07.02.2024

Duration: 08.02.2024 – 27.03.2024
Steinhauser Gallery, Bratislava, Slovakia

Imagine a wild garden – free from the constraints of geometric design where vitality reigns unchecked. Exuberant. A place where insects, together with all other organisms and animals, return and find their rightful place and balance. The concept of uncultivated garden embodies the essence, as a place of the wild, the genuine, the authentic, but mostly, the unknown. 

Garden is the archetypal space of rest and tranquillity, with a flavour of certain secretiveness or hiddeness. It becomes a superstructure of the political, social or official sphere. Through yet another lens, garden fascinate us – it has a hidden strange time, constantly ongoing, almost unstructured. In this temporality, the lines between human and non-human are vanished. Delving deeper into perception, one can hear that strange silence that is not silence at all … All seems to have its own time, its own duty – one temporality occurs on the surface, another deep within. 

In the world today, the temporality of the body of Earth has become a pressing issue, by no coincidence capturing the attention of many contemporary thinkers. Planetary time represents the time of the Earth, of minerals, caves, underground water or rocks. Still, something artificial infiltrates this body – the presence of plastiglomerates. A new type of rock where the particles of molten plastic and natural minerals fuse into one, has prompted a community of artists to imagine the future. The artistic world turns its eyes to it, as the issue is no longer marginal…




Imagine a wild garden – free from the constraints of geometric design where vitality reigns unchecked. Exuberant. A place where insects, together with all other organisms and animals… Here´s more…

08.02.24 – 27.03.24

Full Moon Dreamers

Inspired by the atmosphere and narratives of twisted reality, the exhibition project FMD (Full Moon Dreamers)selectively explores and reflects on current tendencies in contemporary European art, connecting and… Here´s more…
12.09.23 – 31.10.2023


Steinhauser Gallery´s opening exhibition Powerplay, Mihael Milunović´s first solo show in Slovak Republic, comprising some of his most recent paintings, drawings, sculptures and analoge/digital installations. Here´s more…
09.06.23 – 31.08.23

RED HORIZON by Marek Kvetan

The solo exhibition of Marek KVETAN (1976), a leading representative of Slovak intermedia art, entitled Red Horizon, brings together three major works from his current oeuvreHere´s more…

29.11.23 – 31.01.24

… And quietly the Night arrives

The exhibition presents twelve international artists exploring perspectives on the aesthetics of darkness, melancholy, mythology, and imagination. In a symbolic and surreal way… Here´s more…

01.10.23 – 31.12.23

Steinhauser Gallery Bratislava

Steinhauser Gallery has opened its gates in Bratislava (Slovak Republic) at the 08th of June 2023 and kicked off a great journey, full of thought-provoking ideas into new worlds. Here´s more…

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